Smart upgrade to SharePoint 2010

We know the challenges associated with upgrade to SharePoint 2010, and that’s why we always handle such projects in the most secure way.

Take new opportunities, enhance your strengths, start benefiting from upgrading — quickly and effectively — to the latest version of the leading ECM platform.


Leveraging a decade of systems integration and migration experience, we use advanced techniques to

  • Ensure uninterrupted business operations;
  • Build parallel environments when needed;
  • Maintain data consistency, allowing no data loss.

Strict non-disclosure agreement, comprehensive backup solutions, enterprise security policies and continuous activities for preserving consistency make your data authentic and reliable all the way upgrade project runs.


Our highly-skilled team, perfect planning, mature project management and coordination ensure your employees’ involvement is minimal.

Following the considerations above, we provide a complete services set for upgrading your legacy systems to SharePoint 2010.


Explore other SharePoint services we provide

Platform migration

EqualPartners is your reliable partner for platform migrations, regardless of platform name, version or vendor. We have comprehensive experience in conversion of CMS 2002, WSS 2.0/3.0, SPS 2003, and MOSS 2007 as well as different solutions from other software vendors.

Application migration

Based on wide-ranging experience in legacy application migration, our engineering specialists and business domain experts are able to effectively migrate your custom applications, even if you do not have documentation and support by vendors.

Data migration

Our data quality team is focused on automated and manual data cleansing aimed to improve data quality, eliminating redundant or obsolete information, and matching the requirements of new systems.

Enterprise application integration

EqualPartners enterprise integration process provides you with a solid approach to system and infrastructure delivery. We are suing an approach which offers incremental benefits for fixed investments.

Why is it vital to request professional service provider for SharePoint upgrade?

— The answer is obvious — the following major risks that are immanent to any migration project:

Lack of quality management strategy, appropriate process and tools. Definitely, these are the most common reasons of upgrade project failure. Poor software quality management causes data loss, missed deadlines, unstable team interaction. All these result in systematic business interruptions.

Tight budget and time constraints. Usually, such migration projects have limited budgets and timelines. Due to unavailability of certified and experienced resources in-house these requirements cannot be met.

Lack of available expertise. Migration is not limited to only SharePoint professionals. The project most likely would require: qualified data migration experts for interpreting data quality inconsistencies, business domain analysts for developing new functional requirements, professional .NET developers for migrating legacy applications. Having all these professionals in-house is hardly possible and hiring the resources from different service providers is extremely inefficient.

Lack of detailed documentation and necessary knowledge of legacy environment. Most organizations do not have well-structured documentation of their legacy system design and data storage. Technical experts and analysts will be required to handle this risk.