Post-implementation SharePoint services

After the project completion EqualPartners can provide additional services for the solution administration and support:

  • Setup of the performance monitoring (highly recommended if there are any plans for solution modification or load rise is expected);
  • Setup of the continuous security audit process (it can very from a creation of the Information Security Policy document to an onsite audit by EqualPartners specialists);
  • Setup of the backup and restore procedure (it must be done either by EqualPartners or the client’s own IT team);
  • ROI analysis;
  • The second-level solution support (either “working hours” or “24x7”);
  • The third-level solution support.

The second-level support covers changes that can be performed without source code changes (e.g. fixing data directly in database, changing server configuration, application restarting). The second-level support includes 24x7 service.

The third-level support is usually based on the processes similar to ones are used in the development. The work requested by the client is discussed and after the estimate is approved by the client, the task is included into the Project Plan and performed according to the schedule. The third-level support is usually performed by a dedicated team during working time only.

Guarantee. In parallel with comprehensive support, EqualPartners guarantees 6 months warranty by default. During this period any defect is fixed for free.