Other SharePoint Services

Along with “usual” services, demanded in every SharePoint implementation (like business analysis, customization, training, etc.) EqualPartners provides a wide range of supplementary services related to SharePoint:

Security audit. SharePoint is well-designed platform, however even the simplest implementations include several physical or virtual servers (e.g. Web, database, firewall, domain controller, e-mail), network configuration, additional software (e.g. antivirus, backup, third-party Web Parts and solutions) and much more aspects. EqualPartners security specialists perform thoughtful audit and provide assistance in security hardening. For our clients we provide Security Hardening Plan in architecture and design documentation.

Localization. EqualPartners provides localization services from effective multi-language SharePoint setup to localization of legacy SharePoint implementations.

Legacy system modernization (particularly SharePoint farm scaling and SharePoint performance optimization). These are some symptoms for system modernization: inadequate implementation, increased load, incompatibility with new requirements (e.g. legal) and new or modified business processes, etc. One of the unique EqualPartners proposals is modification of SharePoint implementations (or migration legacy applications to SharePoint) to meet new requirements without interrupting the client’s business.

High availability.Really high availability is an ambitious and expensive goal. But if this is crucial for your business we provide you with solution designed to perform robust availability.