Product Development in C++

Ride the Market Wave
with OS-native Products

As you witness the increasing sophistication of consumer demands, you have to face the challenge and innovate to stay competitive. Like nearly all businesses, yours needs software products that are feature-rich, highly performing, and cost efficient. At EqualPartners, we know how to meet these critical requirements and build robust products which use native code while requiring the smallest possible footprint.

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Software products such as Skype, the world’s most popular VoIP tool, multi-purpose office applications, various device utilities, drivers, browser toolbars, and many more are vivid examples of OS-native desktop applications developed as such for a number of reasons:

  • to avoid unnecessary installation prerequisites / enabling technologies requirements
  • to secure source code and intellectual property
  • to boost performance
  • to increase market reach

Windows Application Development

It’s no secret that over 90% of PCs connected to the Internet run on Windows, so don’t wait to tap into this largest market. We offer our unparalleled experience in delivering end-to-end C++ product development services to help you build brand-new Windows native application. Our expertise spans the following product categories:

Device utilities

We develop drivers, products for controlling, synchronization, and other operations with external plug-and-play or wireless devices, including mobile ones.

System utilities

We offer our hands-on software engineering experience to deliver products for automated configuration, management, and monitoring of system’s settings and operations, including those in Cloud.

Office applications

We can help you build applications for various applied purposes of automation and streamlining office business purposes, such as word and image processing, calculations, data management, and any more.

Communication Tools

We have accumulated rich expertise in VoIP and other communication solution development and a thorough understanding of such critical aspects as security, speed, and performance. We offer this concentrated knowledge and cutting-edge technology-driven approach for building proprietary communication tools.

MacOS Application Development

No other users are so loyal and so used to paid software as are Apple admirers. To meet their demands, we offer expertise proprietary frameworks which power Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms to build high performance software products.

We can develop both cross-platform C++ applications that will run smoothly under MacOs, or MacOS native software. Our MacOS application development practice covers all product types we listed above, as well as Mac-specific applications:

Utilities & Tools

Whatever utility you need to monitor, manage, and control your system, we will deliver it promptly. We offer our huge experience in building communication, compressing, planning, web browsing tools and dozens of other smart and handy applications for Mac.


We can help you build applications for playback, display, and processing various types of graphic, audio, video, and animated content. Create custom tools with an optimum combination of features and high performance to win your niche on the Mac app market..


For different types of office needs there should be a helpful application. We offer our expertise to create word processing, file, account, and project management tools and other applications for work on a Mac system.

Gadgets & Widgets

With our help, you can build applications that add functionality and make the user’s life easier and more fun. We provide our professional services in building various useful gadgets and web widgets for Mac that manage wallpapers, screensavers, show weather, daily horoscope, convert time zones and currencies, animate standard UI elements, etc.

Linux Application Development

Linux based systems are the most cost-efficient ones, and close to 40% of servers run on Linux opening a huge market for Linux native software.

We offer our hands-on experience to build the following types of products:

Server System Utilities

We develop server configuration and management utilities, server performance monitoring and reporting tools, back-up utilities, server side communication tools, server side processing tools, command line tools and others.

Data Streaming & Embedded Linux

We have solid skills and experience in building high-performance data streaming applications, including VoIP and IPTV solutions, both for server-side software and device-level software.