C++ Crossplatform Development

Grab maximum customers

To make sure you grab maximum customers for your software products, consider making them cross platform. Developed, and financed, just once, they have functionality and interfaces that are consistent on all platforms without compromising usability and quality. This will help you attract wider customer audience instead of blotting out a considerable share of the target market who prefer a different OS than your product was built for.

Trust the experts

Our cross platform development, testing, and porting expertise spans multiple desktop operating system families with due account to horizontal and vertical domain specifics. The practical experience, together with technology skills, and the best practices we have elaborated over the decade, allows us to successfully drive cross-platform development projects of any size and complexity through all the stages from research and product conceptualization to product extensions and deliver excellent results. We also provide consultation, both in the horizontal and vertical specs. of the development process.

Boost performance

We realize your need to have a high-performance product. We know how to meet the requirements of mission critical systems when high performance is essential, for instance, in real time processing systems, scientific computing and others.

Get more with less

We use Qt, a cross-platform application and UI framework, which allows writing and deploying applications across desktop, mobile, and embedded OS with no need to rewrite the source code. Its latest versions use the native style APIs of various platforms to query the platform for the desired appearance of the Qt controls which allows avoiding discrepancies.