Software Security Training

True security hinges on a well-trained staff

EqualPartners offers a full range of security training services. Today's ever-changing information security environemnt requires industry professionals to constantly train and re-train on their job-relevant skills. Failure to stay up to date on the latest technologies, threats and remediation strategies will cause a suboptimal performance in the workplace at best, or outright failure in the worst case. In the service-based information technology world, nothing is more important than having the correct skillset and labor force to make your systems safe, tested and secure!

EqualPartners can help ensure that you and your staff extend their skills to optimize your systems' performance, enhance productivity, and reduce risk in your IT environment. Our classes are fully customizeable and utilize adult learning best practices. Better yet, they provide a balance of essential concept-based lectures with real world task- and project-oriented labs enabling you to achieve your individual and organization's goals.

Security training is identified as an essential component for every person participating in software design, development, testing or deployment processes. EqualPartners provides a full range of software security training, listed below.

Training is provided for the following roles:

  • Software architects;
  • Software developers;
  • Auditors and reviewers;
  • QA Engineers;
  • Business Analysts;
  • Project Managers.

In addition, EqualPartners provides the following areas of training:

  • Software security essentials (separate by roles);
  • Attack and defense methods in application security;
  • Threat modeling and architectural risk analysis
  • Software security requirements;
  • Security source code review and static analysis;
  • Dynamic security testing methods and tools;
  • Defense programming;
  • Security testing strategies.

All Security Training courses on offer by EqualPartners are fully customized to your specific IT environment. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience in IT Security - for over a decade - in the knowledge transfer process. For more information or to discuss your training requirements, Contact EqualPartners today.