Software Development Lifecycle Planning

Security can be elusive

Secure software is only possible when security was taken into consideration throughout the whole software development lifecycle. EqualPartners brings the proper process and guidance to its clients, helping to design customized Security Development Lifecycle for any client’s specific needs. Each company, even with high process maturity levels, has its own process framework and this should be taken into consideration when extending the process to include security-focused processes and procedures.

This process is performed in the following steps:

  • Security Development Lifecycle assessment and gap analysis;
  • Definition of Security Development Lifecycle process improvement strategy;
  • Creation of process guidance materials;
  • Presentation and personnel trainings;
  • Implementation guidance.

The first step, a Security Development Lifecycle assessment and gap analysis is performed to define security development lifecycle goals, establish metrics and their target levels, and then analyze existing security-focused processes. As a result, an initial understanding of the "as is" picture is established, allowing an estimate of the complexity to implement the rest of the missing security processes.

Based on the information gathered in the first step, EqualPartners then creates a process improvement strategy tailored to the client’s organization (Definition of Security Development Lifecycle process improvement strategy). This strategy is then used as a master planning set of materials to drive the SDL initiative.

The first step of a defined process improvement strategy is the creation of process guidance materials. EqualPartners will work together with the client’s teams to define a full set of process documentation ("to be"), that will be used as a foundation for training and further SDL processes’ execution. A defined process framework is presented to the team and training is provided for key personnel that will be responsible to retain and share the knowledge within the client’s organization.

After the initial steps defined above, EqualPartners consultants begin working with the client to provide ongoing guidance for the client’s SDL project team until a successful SDL implementation is completed. For more details on our SDL approach, contact us today.