Delivery Scenarios for Software Product Development

SPD, as a service provided by EqualPartners, may vary depending on your current situation and requirements. Below we have described a number of typical examples of SPD service delivery scenarios.

A software or hardware product company with NO pre-existing Software Product Development capability

In such case, you only have an idea which needs to be implemented and delivered to the market ASAP. We will help you  identify required budget suitable for your plans, assign the team and integrate it properly with your Product Management and Marketing teams.

You already have an in-house or partner Software Product Development capability

In such case, you normally have already defined processes and established a team, but would like to extend or optimize your current Software Product Development capability. We will analyze your existing processes and procedures in order to adjust our standard approach and make it as close to the way you currently work as possible. The will normally be coordinated by Product Development manager on the customer side.

You have encountered critical issues with your current Software Product Development team and need to rescue your product

In such case, you usually have a partially completed product. It requires to be finished under tight deadlines, while documentation may be incomplete or not available at all, some source code may be missing. We will analyze what you have, assess real product completeness level, and starting from that point provide you with a plan to finish your product.

You are only interested Quality Assurance of your product

In such case, you may want to temporarily or permanently request QA services only, in a whole or just for specific type of tests, keeping your existing Software Product Development team without changes. We normally work with your existing issue tracking systems or help you to establish one, if not currently used, for efficient and transparent communication with your team. In the latter case, we cooperate closely with your existing QA team (if available, otherwise communication is organized directly with the Development team) and help it achieve stated goals.

Why use a partner company as Software Product Development service provider

Given the level of complexity of SPD-specific challenges and negative impact which may be produced from inefficient SPD function implementation, it’s important to understand why and how a partner company can help in achieving better results.

Many companies are in hesitation to outsource Software Product Development and more often than not, would nevertheless struggle to do all the operations, including marketing, innovation, customer acquisition as well as product development in-house. SPD service offered by EqualPartners allows companies, especially from SMB sector, to concentrate on what they are good at, leaving product development to the company which specializes in software development and product innovation. Get the market leaders’ development capabilities without investing in establishing your own development center!

Which scenario fits your case better?

Khem Raj

The list above covers only typical scenarios which have to be adjusted for your specific business processes. In the end, that's exactly what differs succesful companies from others.

Send your product development-related questions to Khem Raj Bhattarai, Senior Product Manager, and receive a free consultation how to organize team effectively, how to arrange successful product development, how to manage product development issues, and any others.