Enterprise Portals & Intranets

We help you benefit in essential business driving areas, making management and staff efforts more cost-effective, reducing time for information to be located and accessed, ensuring collaboration transparency.

Extended Enterprise for Employees, Customers and
Supply Chain Partners.
EqualPartners delivers a complete portal infrastructure that provides people-centric integration of all types of enterprise information helping transform corporate or third-party applications, structured and unstructured data, and web content into well-structured re-usable valuable assets.


What we do

We unite all applications, document repositories and data storages into one information system with a permission-based single access point.

Portal features

We implement both best-practice portal tools and custom modules for effective collaboration of employees, customers and partners that ensure efficient daily operations of all company divisions.

Portal security

We discuss portal security policy at the very first stage of portal development project to prevent internal and external threats and protect valuable and sensitive data.

The most valuable strategic asset of any business is information. We help you utilize and monetize information acquired from geographically and functionally dispersed teams across the entire organization to ensure effective and timely analysis, management, and decision-making.

The EqualPartners approach to portal development and implementation guarantees more efficient utilization of corporate resources regardless of portal deployment point (internal infrastructure or external hosting), leverages IT outsourcing cost-effectiveness and alleviates portal administration efforts.

  • Data import/export and capturing tools
  • Business workflow automation
  • Team Workspaces
  • Document Workspaces
  • Project & Task Management Interfaces
  • Discussion Boards
  • Blogs, Forums & Wikis
  • Mailing and messaging
  • Enterprise Content Repository
  • Content Sharing Services
  • Enterprise Search
  • Business Intelligence modules
  • Data connectors
  • Dashboards and Scorecards

Types of portal solutions

We leverage our extensive portal development expertise coupled with deep domain and technology skills to deliver the most open portal architecture to enable easy integration of various solutions and tools. We build feature-rich, robust, yet easily configurable and dybnamic corporate portals that serve various business needs.

Collaboration Portal

Connect your Employees, Customers and Partners

EqualPartners creates information environments that improve cooperation between teams, departments and divisions, customers, partners and vendors, by making content available for use at any business process stage.

  • Team and Project workspaces
  • Task management and issue tracking
  • Accelerated processing of data acquired from multiple external and internal sources
  • Collaboration workflows and routine operations automation
  • Extranet/Internet access for customers and supply chain partners to specific collaboration areas

BI Portal Single

Data Access Point — Data Visualization — Decision-making

The EqualPartners approach to portal development implies organization of a single access point to all enterprise systems. We ensure that your portal:

  • Provides a unified access point to BI data sources
  • Provides data visualization: dashboards, KPIs, reports, diagrams, etc.
  • Provides smart metadata management
  • Ensures secure access and user rights management

HR portal

Education — Corporate Culture — Career Management

Portals developed by EqualPartners provide a wealth of opportunities for staff management, control and education, creating and maintaining corporate traditions and atmosphere, motivation, imparting business values and quality standards, including:

  • Dynamic corporate environment setup: audience-targeted news & events publishing, announcements, achievements boards etc.
  • New employees adaptation support (role-based templates, learning kits, rules and guidelines kits);
  • Training programs management: webinars, text and multimedia content, knowledge centers
  • Qualification management: exams, performance ratings etc.
  • Employee workspace personalization: data presentation blocks, favorite content, personal document libraries, etc.
  • Work reporting modules
  • Morale and loyalty trends research: surveys, discussions & feedback collection, content monitoring

Knowledge Management

Best Practices Re-usage — Self-improvement — Time Savings

Portal knowledge management provides valuable tools for effective corporate data classification, segmentation, storage, archiving and publication helping to filter, aggregate and augment valuable information (guidelines, rules, research results) in one corporate data center and make it available to all employees.

Pro-active knowledge management accelerates new employees’ on-boarding, knowledge transfer and eliminates risks of data and experience loss as a result of employee turnover.

Corporte Search

Locating and accessing information becomes easier

Effective search tools help the user find necessary information and people even if he does not know where the information is located, thus saving invaluable time and effort.

The prompt delivery of key data is made available through configuration of comprehensive tools: full-text indexing and search, fast filtering by meta data tags, key words prompt, search results ranking and narrowing options etc.