How We Work

We are service providers – that is how we look at ourselves. We are not in the business of providing software – we are in the business of providing service, and software is just a part of the service offering. Because we are consumer-oriented, we strive always to make our business processes transparent and clear. The most rigid industry standards and the best know practices are scrupulously enforced to fulfill our commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations.

EqualPartners is uniquely qualified to fully meet the requirements of the most challenging projects and satisfy the most discerning clients.

During the past decade of our operation in the IT industry, we have pushed the boundaries of innovative research and creative thinking. We have been assimilating industry best practices, expanding and fine-tuning our technology know-how and understanding of business processes in various industries, thereby constantly improving upon our domain knowledge.

Every new project we undertake teaches us something new. Every data is carefully analyzed, and all valuable information goes into our knowledge repository to share with the rest of our team. From there, the entire team learns to adopt the most efficient and elegant practices, discarding those that fail to withstand market tests. This constant renewal of our experience repository ensures that our clients receive robust, reliable solutions that can not only solve immediate issues but will have long-term benefits for their core business objectives.

Development Process

Software development is not linear – requirements may change and newer technologies emerge that need to be incorporated at the end of the development cycle. Based on this and our own experience, we suggest splitting the development process into several iterations (stages). Our most common approach includes the following stages:

  • Initial requirements gathering
  • Planning and project details specification
  • Architecture development
  • Prototype creation
  • Submission of demo versions to your approval
  • Review of prototype and architecture based on client feedback
  • Development and testing cycle
  • Final version delivery
  • Solution implementation, stabilization and user training

These are industry standard steps of any IT infrastructure development. The activities may overlap significantly and we work closely with clients (or any other stakeholders) to ensure that the product development is indeed proceeding as expected.

Established Development Methodology

By virtue of our rapid growth, experience and collaboration with leading technology giants and industry partners, we have been able to adopt the best software development and project optimization methodologies, and adapt them to meet our specific needs. We work with the most effective formal methodologies for development and project management including IBM Rational Unified Process, Agile (Scrum, FDD, XP), V-Model and many others.

We are not specifically bound to any one development methodology – in fact we use our own judgment depending upon the specific needs of the project at hand.


EqualPartners’s project management policy is aimed to provide maximum transparency regarding the key project activities and commitments, budgeting, workload planning, and metrics used in the process. We elaborate and communicate a detailed activity plan to every person involved in the project, which will

  • Define project milestones
  • Enlists objectives and deliverables at the end of each stage
  • Determines which processes, methods, techniques and methodologies are to be used,
  • Enumerate human resources and qualifications that are required,
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for each team member.

This way we ensure that our resources are fully mobilized in appropriate places. If multiple projects are handled simultaneously, this allows us to plan which resource will be dedicated to which project – it also makes it easier when we need to swap or increase the resources.

Quality Management System

We realize the paramount importance of quality assurance processes. That’s why we engage our independent QA team in product development very early - right after the initial project requirements have been studied. During each phase both automated and manual tests are run to locate any flaws. Our Quality Management System ensures full compliance of our software solutions with international quality standards and enables our partners from all over the world to entrust their software development initiatives to EqualPartners and continually benefit from reliable and secure software.