Software development is complex, expensive and prolonged to delays – and oftentimes frustrating for clients.But it doesn’t always have to be all that.

It can be complex, yes. So can any IT venture. But we simplify it for you. At EqualPartners, we believe that the complexity of software development should not be something that our clients should be concerned with. You tell us what you need, and it is our responsibility to deliver that – you should only be concerned with utilizing the solutions that we provide to empower your business.

Your vision – our passion.

It may be expensive – but we ensure that your investments are made in correct places and at correct times. High performance, cost effective solutions delivered in time – that is the business model that has brought us to this day.

EqualPartners is a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the worlds most successful companies, we collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance.

Quick Facts:

  • Headquartered and incorporated India with branch offices in USA.
  • Over 150 highly qualified IT professionals in South Asia development center (India)
  • Cost-efficiency attained through a flexible delivery model
  • Mature methodologies and transparent project management – we are currently in process of gaining ISO certification and CMMI.
  • Strong track record of on time delivery of reliable and robust services
  • Strong after sales support and maintenance services
  • Multinational presence with support personnel in North America, Asia and Europe

Service Offering:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Prototyping
  • Architectural consultation
  • Independent Software Testing & QA
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Virtualization Management
  • Web and Cloud Application development

EqualPartners Focus

We see exciting new possibilities for organizations that incorporate IT into their overall workflow. Our aim is to provide solutions that automate and simplify your business chores and free you up to plan, think, innovate and make critical business decisions.


General Strengths.

  • Our vision, corporate culture and overall skill set are adapted very well to work with offshore clients.
  • Excellent multi-language skills of employees (both technical and administration staff)
  • A deeply engrained corporate sense of responsibility and professionalism in each individual.
  • Extremely transparent, well document and mature processes – technical, managerial and financial.
  • Passionate about technology.

Project Life Cycle Activities

  • A formal requirement gathering and analysis process conducted by very experienced analysts
  • A well-engineered architecture and prototype
  • Application of AGILE methodologies in development process to adapt to changing requirements without sacrificing quality or encountering schedule and budget setbacks.
  • A test-fix-test feedback loop in each cycle of the process – our QA team uses both automated and manual test approach and performs thorough end to end functional testing of each step of the product development to ensure that it meets our expectations for performance and reliability.

Company Value and Strategy

  • A focus on delivering software as services, not simply as products
  • Always have long term partnerships with the clients
  • Recruit only the best candidates and provide them with challenging work and adequate remuneration. A fair and transparent selection, training and promotion process to encourage employee morale and retention.
  • Cooperation with top national technical universities in staff training and education



The biggest asset we have is our team. They are not just a gathering of skilled individuals, they are parts of a fine machinery, each of which is important, valued – we not only appreciate our employees, we celebrate them. Over the years, we have scrupulously selected the best candidates, and provided them with generous benefits, training and promotions. We have one of the best long term employee retention records in the past decade. This is attributed to an open work environment that nurtures individual strengths, provides appealing possibilities, and challenges them with exciting new projects. Currently we have over a hundred-strong loyal and highly skilled professional who are as dedicated to us as we are to our clients.


Our customers are the reason why we are here. We are dedicated to our clients and associates, because of a simple reason – we will grow when you do. This is a simple business philosophy that works well in any scenario – the better off your clients are, the better off you can become. And it is our responsibility to help you become the best and the most profitable that you can be using our tools and technologies. Make crucial business decisions, plan for the future – leave the complicated trench work to us.

From the very first client that took a chance in us back in the day to the biggest clients that we have handled till date, our passion and focus remains the same. Maybe we have grown better attuned to changing market needs and client expectations, but the basic ideals of our company remain the same – provide reliable, cost effective resources and skills to our clients in order to add value to their business ventures. Our only aim is to help you succeed – not out of any sense of charity – but simply because we succeed only when our clients succeed.  


Deliverables of any IT endeavor cannot be categorically guaranteed to be fail proof. However, we have demonstrated success from our mission critical applications to extremely high stress financial transaction processing servers servicing thousands of customers.

Our product delivery model ensures consistency and accuracy across all cycles of product development, from correct gathering of client requirements, assuring that the prototype and architectural components are sound, to the final quality assurance of the product that is delivered to the client. Our approach to software is an amalgam of engineering and art – we engineer our specifications, and craft them to deliver solutions that are robust, reliable, efficient and elegant.